Prepare. Before starting a sprint, it is essential to be clear about the project, its context, deadlines, and goals. Design Sprint is a creative process that has to solve or test something.

What types of projects are the perfect fit for a Design Sprint?

  • A remake or redesign of an existing product
  • The search for a creative solution to a specific problem
  • The need to align multiple visions or departments (marketing, business, technology, etc. ) on complex issues
  • Creation and validation of new disruptive or innovative business models
  • The exploration of an opportunity and its validation through prototyping.

In some cases the Design Sprint is not suitable

  • The product is already very well defined
  • The project requires extensive preliminary research
  • The project must be completed within few days
  • The scope and business are not yet defined
  • An expert could quickly find the solution on his or her own
  • The team does not wish to get personally involved in the creative process
Design Sprint Swissquote

The Team

When you decide to initiate a Design Sprint, you need to think about your ideal team. Usually, it is tricky at times to bring different people with responsibilities together in the same room, but the very brief duration of the Sprint and the fact that it is scheduled well in advance means that in most cases, the right people are on board.

Think of the Design Sprint as a unique opportunity to have your Dream Team working together. On a project that is close to your heart.

More information about recommended profiles for a Design Sprint are on page: a new collaboration model.


Teams books their Design Sprint in advance—ideally 1 month before the dates to obtain the availability of important people for the project.

The emails of the participants are communicated to the design sprint facilitator so that he can share relevant information a few days in advance.

Steph Cruchon Design Sprint at Whitepod holding a Time Timer

The «war room»

As Consultants, we usually come to your place (on request we can also take care of the venue reservation).  The space that you will choose (we will call it the “War room”) is an integral part of the Design Sprint. The most suitable is a quiet room, not too small, with empty walls and above all- large windows with natural light, which will allow us to stick Post-it notes and other material throughout the Sprint. 

It is essential to have access to Wifi. If the room already has whiteboards, flipcharts, etc. this is perfect! The design sprint leader will take care of all the necessary material (Post-it notes, sheets, markers).

The Design Sprint


Day 1


Day 2

Design Sprint Day 3 decide


Day 3

Design Sprint rapid prototyping


Day 4

User test

Day 5

Case study: Discover how one of our design sprint workshops contributed to the creation of the new swiss neobank Yuh, a partnership between Swissquote and Postfinance.

Yuh, video case study

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