Accelerate your digital transformation with Design Sprints

A strategic tool for important projects

In an era where digital transformation is crucial to stay competitive, the Design Sprint emerges as an indispensable tool. It enables technology teams to quickly turn innovative ideas into practical solutions while effectively navigating the challenges of digital transformation.

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Why is Design Sprint essential to your digital strategy?

Targeted development for digital transformation

Our sprints are specifically designed to meet the complex demands of digitization. By focusing efforts on creating solutions that support your digital transition, we ensure that each feature is aligned with your long-term strategic vision.

Enhanced collaboration for integrated innovation

By bringing together your business and IT teams, we facilitate a collaboration that maximizes resources and talent across your organization. This multidisciplinary approach is essential to overcoming obstacles to digitization and implementing solutions that transform operations and services.

Risk Reduction: Early testing for secure market entry

Implementing Design Sprints reduces the risks associated with digitalization by testing prototypes at an early stage. This provides essential insights and allows for quick adjustments to solutions based on user feedback, improving the adoption and effectiveness of the deployed technologies.

Get involved

You are the experts in your field. The key to a successful Design Sprint is to bring together a small, multidisciplinary team of 5-7 people. We require a minimum of three days’ effective presence (workshop part).

Your team is also invited to prototype and watch Live testing on Day 5.

Our services for key projects in digital transformations

  • Design Sprint Workshops focused on digitization: These intensive sessions are designed to identify and break down specific challenges of digital transformation, generate tailored solutions, and quickly test ideas to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.
  • Figma Prototype Design: Creating testable prototypes (usually with Figma) not only allows us to visualize the proposed solutions but also to validate their effectiveness in achieving your digitization goals.
  • User Testing: We organize feedback sessions with real users who reflect your target market to refine technologies before deployment, ensuring a smooth and effective transition to advanced digital solutions.
  • Strategic Analysis: Assessing market trends and customer needs to steer the sprints towards the most impactful solutions.

Take a step ahead in developing technological solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges. Contact us to discover how we can help us facilitate your digital transformation.

They sprint with us

Notre projet Genius Loci remporte la médaille d'Or au Salon International des Inventions de Genève et le Prix du Public 2023.
Genius Loci Wins Genilem 2022 Award
Excellente prestation de Stephane et de son équipe. J'ai découvert ce processus, qui va nous faire gagner du temps et de l'efficacité pour la satisfaction client.
Joël THIEBAUT | Products & Services – Brand Experience Application Support & Technical Documentation - Manager at Somfy
Thanks folks 1 more time, really loved the process, this was a terrific introduction to Design Sprints 🙌🏻
Christophe Pasquier | CEO at Slite
Steph did a great job guiding us through this week. Highly valuable and very worthwhile! If you want to make fast progress with a specific project, do a Design Sprint with an expert such as Steph.
Felix von Kunhardt | VP Product Management Decibel - Medallia
I can't recommend Steph highly enough! He was an excellent facilitator for my team's design sprint. The process helped us better understand our users' needs and unlock a greater level of creativity. We are based in San Francisco, and even working 'off hours' and facilitating virtually, Steph's energy was contagious.
Noreen McInnis | Product Marketing at Adobe
Beaucoup de professionnalisme et une efficacité redoutable pour craquer un sujet complexe. Le cadrage apporté par la méthode a permis de mener avec discipline et bonne humeur la première étape du projet de manière accélérée. Merci et bravo. Je recommande !
Barbara Augustin | Global Product Line Manager at Somfy
Feel your company is stuck in a rut and you just can’t find that flow of design concepts anymore. I strongly recommend a design sprint with Stéphane Cruchon. It's straight to the point and brings out the best of your ideas.
Sebastien Freuler | Creative Manager at Sicpa
Over 5 days, we all together designed and reached agreements which would have taken several months considering a globally distributed teams and stakeholders. By having the stakeholders involved in its design, it lifted multiple roadblocks to proceed with its development and even enabled a dedicated budget for it.
Raphael Racine | International Customer Experience Manager