Accelerate practical learning with Design Sprint in education

A transformative educational tool for colleges and universities

Design Sprint in education offers an immersive and practical method for students in Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs at higher education institutions, allowing them to work on real-world problems from startups or large companies. This approach, concentrated over a five-day period, engages students in concrete challenges while promoting action-based learning.

Why choose Design Sprint for education?

Learning based on real cases

Our workshops enable students to dive into current business problems, providing them with invaluable experience that transcends traditional theoretical education. Each group of 6-7 participants works as a team on a tangible project, in healthy “competition” with other groups, which not only creates positive emulation but also enriches their understanding and prepares them for future professional challenges.

Development of interdisciplinary skills

The Design Sprint format encourages collaboration among students from various disciplines, allowing the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and leadership. This holistic approach is essential for training professionals capable of navigating complex and rapidly evolving work environments.

Stimulated innovation and creativity

In a structured environment, students are guided by our highly experienced team to generate innovative ideas and transform them into testable prototypes. This rapid concept validation method allows students to see the results of their ideas and receive direct feedback from real users, thus strengthening their confidence in their creative and innovative capabilities.

Our successes in educational Design Sprints

Large-scale workshops at CREA School in Geneva

Our largest sprints were conducted at CREA School in Geneva, involving more than 100 Bachelor and Master level students divided into 12 groups over five days. These sessions allowed students to work in groups on a variety of problems, offering a rich dynamic and a profound impact on their academic and professional training.

Engage your students in a unique educational adventure

Adopt Design Sprint to transform the educational experience at your institution. Prepare your students to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow by offering them practical training that goes beyond conventional limits. Contact us to discover how we can customize our workshops to meet the specific needs of your school or university.

Our specialized services for the education sector

Design Sprint workshops for education

These large-format sessions are specifically designed for schools and universities wishing to integrate practical approaches into their curricula. In just five days, we offer workshops where students work in groups of 6-7 on real-world problems provided by startups or large companies. These workshops facilitate a total immersion in the professional world while promoting innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Development of educational prototypes

We guide students in developing prototypes, allowing them to put their ideas into practice and receive immediate feedback. This crucial step enhances their practical understanding and prepares them to face market challenges after their studies.

User testing adapted to the educational context

Students test their prototypes with real users or target customers, often from the same application domain as the project. These feedback sessions are essential for learning how to refine products to meet the actual needs of end-users, thus offering a valuable experience in the concept validation process.

Transform your approach to education innovation

Integrate Design Sprint into your curriculum to provide students with an education that not only meets academic requirements but also effectively prepares them for their future careers with our team of seasoned design professionals who can transmit their passion and field experience. Contact us to discover how we can collaborate with your institution to create enriching and practical educational experiences.

Get involved

You are the experts in your field. The key to a successful Design Sprint is to bring together a small, multidisciplinary team of 5-7 people. We require a minimum of three days’ effective presence (workshop part).

Your team is also invited to prototype and watch Live testing on Day 5.

Our services for key projects in Education

  • Design Sprint Workshops focused on digitization: These intensive sessions are designed to identify and break down specific challenges of digital transformation, generate tailored solutions, and quickly test ideas to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.
  • Figma Prototype Design: Creating testable prototypes (usually with Figma) not only allows us to visualize the proposed solutions but also to validate their effectiveness in achieving your digitization goals.
  • User Testing: We organize feedback sessions with real users who reflect your target market to refine technologies before deployment, ensuring a smooth and effective transition to advanced digital solutions.
  • Strategic Analysis: Assessing market trends and customer needs to steer the sprints towards the most impactful solutions.

Take a step ahead in developing technological solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges. Contact us to discover how we can help us facilitate your digital transformation.

They sprint with us

Design Sprint Masterclass
Design Sprint Week
Design Sprint Week
Design Sprint Masterclass
CREA Design Sprint Week 2023
CREA Design Sprint Week 2022
Merci Steph, Julien et Eglé pour cette magnifique semaine! C'était juste géniale de découvrir le Design Sprint! Votre capacité à animer la semaine et à guider les 90 élèves m'a impressionné, bravo pour tout ce travail!
Tanguy Ecoffey | Co-fondateur chez Robin des Fermes
I participated in the Design Sprint to experience something new, to get to know new people and new ways of team work. And that's what I loved the most about it: you work alone, but together, so you don't end-up in big discussions.
Lilia Tanar | Vice President EHL Club des Entrepreneurs
In August 2021 we organized Innovation Today Masterclasses at the Swiss Tech Convention Center. It was one of the first in-person event post Covid, and our first hybrid event. Despite the sanitary conditions, it turned out to be a huge success. Participants were treated with world-class Masterclasses from Jake Knapp, and Yves Pigneur & Alexander Osterwalder (creators of the Business Model Canvas)
Prototyping workshop with the students of CREA school in Geneva
Steph taught a design sprint course for world-famous design prize and community Awwwwards
Someone cracked the secret to a great Zoom experience and I think it is worth sharing. Last week Kiwix was happy to be part of a design sprint to re-think the User Experience of its Raspberry Pi hotspots. We basically spent FIVE (5!) days online, and not a minute of it was boring. It was a great experience, the results were beyond anything we could have dreamt of (I would even describe them as "stellar").
Stephane Coillet-Matillon | CEO Kiwix
Ended the week with a BANG :boum: at Innovation Today Conference. Honestly one of the best online conferences I’ve been to, from the prep to the final experience. Thank you and “bravo!” to Steph Cruchon Eglé Cruchon and Julien SUARD who organised the event and paid attention to the details with a relaxed and positive attitude the entire time!
Laila von Alvensleben | Head of Culture & Collaboration at Mural
Design Sprint Mssterclass advanced
In-person Masterclass with Steph and Julien in Lausanne Switzerland.
Merci pour cette semaine si enrichissante! C’était une expérience incroyable dont je me souviendrais longtemps :)
Myriam Benkais | Student Ecole La source
We organized the first Design Sprint Masterclass with Jake Knapp in Paris. On a boat cruising on the Seine river.
Amazing opportunity to spend a week working with two start ups! Incredible experience both personally and professionally. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!
Maryne Aquarone | HES student at Ecole de la Source
We welcomed the legendary Jake Knapp, creator of the design sprint at Google Ventures, for the first time in Switzerland.
Gotham coworking, Lausanne