Digital MVP in 30 Days

A unique service combining UX, Data, and Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to our expert team you can quickly launch the first functional version of your digital tool, integrating AI and your company data.

Design Sprint SA and Olympe SA have joined forces to offer an integrated solution that transforms innovative ideas into viable, functional products (MVP) in just 30 days. An ideal way to quickly develop specialized business tools or AI prototypes using your data.

The words “digitalization” and “artificial intelligence” are on everyone’s lips and at the top of companies’ priority lists, but often, they remain just words.

  • How to concretely start a digital or AI project in Switzerland?
  • Experiment rapidly in a safe and controlled environment?
  • Test the real potential of AI, using company data?

We have a solution:

Week 1

Design Sprint

We bring together your entire team during the first week, particularly for the first three days (strategic workshop). This initial design sprint, led by our team, will set the project on the right track, prototype, and test the concept.

Week 2


In the second week, Olympe takes over and begins actual development of the application using their full-stack low-code technology. Only your IT department and a subject matter expert will be actively engaged to answer questions.

Week 3


The first functional version is released by Olympe. We organize a new user testing session on Wednesday to identify opportunities for improvement.

Week 4


During this last week, Olympe integrates the changes and prepares the launch of the MVP, which will be delivered to you by the end of the month.

We Build Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 1 Month

Full Timeline


Week 1

  • A realistic prototype (Figma)
  • 1 qualitative test session evaluated in a scorecard

Week 3

  • A first testable low-code MVP
  • 1 new qualitative test session on the functional product

Week 4

  • A functional MVP using data, potentially AI
  • Data model based on your data


  • Reduced uncertainty and risk
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Exploration of AI potential
  • Team alignment around clear strategies
  • Possibility to test with real data
  • Creating data to facilitate decision-making
  • Significant improvement in execution speed
  • Creation of momentum for key projects
  • Introduction to user experience (UX) for your team
Design Sprint Swissquote

Your Involvement

Your whole team will be involved for just 3 days during the first week for the design sprint workshop with Design Sprint SA. 

The following 3 weeks, Olympe SA takes over for the technical implementation phase, directly interacting with your IT department.

Week 1

Week 2-4

Design Sprint Swissquote
Equipe du design sprint en train de lire les How might we

Week 1 ・Design Sprint workshop organized Design Sprint SA

During the first week, Design Sprint SA organizes a 5-day workshop with your team.

The goal of this close collaboration is to understand your objectives, generate interface and service ideas, align subject matter experts, and create a rapid prototype using the design tool Figma.

On the last day, UX tests are conducted with real users or target clients. This iterative and collaborative process quickly validates concepts and minimizes risks before moving to the development phase.

Weeks 2,3,4・Fullstack Low-code Development by Olympe

Olympe SA then takes over to transform this prototype into an operational MVP in three weeks. Using their integrated fullstack low-code development platform, Olympe SA integrates your real company data from various sources such as databases, business applications, and ERP, CRM tools (Excel, SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle, Service Now, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive…), to create a fully functional MVP ready for internal or market testing. AI integration concepts can also be tested by connecting your MVP with Chat GPT or Microsoft Copilot and over thirty AI models, some of which are open source, allowing full control of the data.

Founded in 2015 by Steph Cruchon, Design Sprint Ltd is Europe’s most experienced design sprint agency. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, we work internationally. The mission of Design Sprint Ltd is to help large companies, organizations, and startups innovate and reinvent themselves through 5-day design sprint workshops.

Sounds Familiar?

  • Ineffective organizations and slow change
  • Unclear goals and vague issues
  • Paperwork and cumbersome processes
  • Indecision or soft consensus
  • Office politics or clashing egos
  • Stalled projects, inability to execute

Design Sprint ⚡️

  • Structured workshops, delivering tangible, fast and immediately usable results
  • Simple problem framing and prioritization
  • Pragmatism, agility and efficiency
  • Fair, transparent and well-grounded decision making processes
  • Respectful listening, constructive criticism and alignment
  • Sprints are fun! Motivated employees involved in the search for solutions

A Technology Leader Focused on Business Impact
Founded in 2015 by experienced technology professionals at EPFL, Olympe is a leading innovator of enterprise software solutions in Switzerland. Over the years, Olympe has established itself as a trusted partner thanks to customer-focused approach and commitment to delivering real business impact. The product has enabled companies in various sectors to transform their operations, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

3 niveaux d’intégration de vos data

1. Fake Data

Olympe can generate fake demo data using AI

2. Sample Data

Olympe works with an extract of data, for example in .XLS format.

3.Real Data Integration

Olympe connects your company's real data (SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint...) to your MVP

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first functional version of your product, which can be tested with your target audience.

This implies that we go beyond the validation of desirability. We also validate the technical feasibility and economic viability of the tool.

Olympe’s composition platform lets you build functional interfaces in record time, and link them to real data.

The product concept will actually be created or refined during the first week of the design sprint. The Prototype will align your team and solidify this vision.

On the other hand, it’s important that you have an important business need to address at the start of the week, which will enable you to launch the project and bring your team together:

– Either a major issue that’s slowing you down, paralyzing your organization or costing you money

– A great opportunity to be seized quickly

The first three days (strategic part) are mandatory. This is the best way to build a meaningful product based on real-life use cases.

Days 4 (Prototype) and 5 (Test) are recommended, but are optional for the whole team.

Following the initial design sprint, during the construction phase, only 1 business expert and 1 IT person will be mobilized to answer Olympe’s questions on average once a day.

You may have already heard of No code or Low code tools such as Webflow, Framer or Bubble.

These tools target a designer audience with strong visual needs, but limited functional requirements. The use cases are very simple websites or Apps, destined to be discarded quickly after the MVP phase. The code generated is generally of low quality and not very scalable.

These tools are hosted in the USA, unnecessarily exposing your data.

Based in Switzerland, Olympe, on the other hand, is an advanced Fullstack Low-code composition platform aimed at web developers mastering stacks such as React Typescript or Javascript in general.

There are no more limits: developers can use pre-programmed “bricks”, or code their own in a flexible way.

Olympe accesses your corporate data, such as Excel, SharePoint, databases or your business applications (ERP, CRM, production, …) and can manipulate them using AI if required in an extremely precise and creative way.

Yes, that’s one of the great strengths of this model: during the MVP phase, you can thoroughly test your tool with your target audience.

Then you have three choices:

  1. Stop because the product doesn’t deliver the expected value
  2. Develop the project, in the traditional way, over the long term with the chosen technology, using the MVP as a basis for your work.
  3. Or simply keep the MVP and continue building on Olympus! In this case, nothing changes: all you have to do is add new features and scale on the existing base.

Some customers run Apps with tens of thousands of users on Olympus.

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