Before we get into the nitty gritty on our price, a bit of context:

We are based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over the last four years we have proudly assembled one of the best Design Sprint team in the world, leading over 150 weeks of Sprints with more than 80 different clients across all industries. Our talented designers graduated from design schools and have more than 20 years of field experience to their names.

Our specialty is of course the Design Sprint, but we also want to support our clients in the production phase of their projects. Design, wireframing, prototyping, motion design, branding, video, marketing, these are the services we can offer in addition to sprints (see production rates)

Inspired by the lifestyle and ethics of Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (authors of the books Sprint and Make Time), we favor the “Highlight”—that is to say, that our clients engage us for a minimum of one full day, allowing our team to focus on a specific task and avoid multitasking.

Design Sprints

Let’s talk cost. And the price of our services.

Depending of the number of designers involved, and except in special cases, you will need a budget between $25’000 – $30’000 for a complete 5-day Design Sprint. This package includes preparation, prototype, user tests and videos, intellectual property and signing the NDA.

The ultimate cost of a Design Sprint varies according to:

  • complexity and impact of the project
  • number of days (although we recommended the full 5-day Sprint to guaranteed the best ROI)
  • status of the company, ie, multinational, SME, NGO or early-stage startup
  • confidentiality

NOTE: To secure your desired dates, we recommend you book your Design Sprint at least 1.5 month in advance.

Other services

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