Design Sprints in the insurance sector: catalysts for innovation and customer satisfaction

Why are Design Sprints vital for insurance companies? The insurance market is characterized by intense competition and consumer freedom of choice, which drives constant innovation. Adopting Design Sprints allows your company to stay competitive, innovate quickly, and meet the growing expectations of customers.

Increased Responsiveness and Adaptation to Change

Accelerate the innovation process, solve complex problems, or integrate artificial intelligence with Design Sprints. Move from idea to prototype in just a few days, allowing for a rapid response to market trends and customer needs.

Risk reduction

Our first corporate clients were insurers. Companies like Swiss Re have turned to us because risk reduction is at the core of their culture, and Design Sprints enable this at a lower cost.

Design Sprints facilitate the experimentation and testing of new ideas with minimal investment before committing to costly developments, thus reducing financial and operational risks.

By testing concepts in the early stages, it is possible to prevent the high costs associated with large-scale development failures. The cost of a modification is 100 times lower during the design phase than after the product’s programming.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Your customers have highly volatile behaviors and can change their insurance every year.

Stand out in a competitive market by being the first to launch significant innovations that attract and retain customers over the long term.

Get involved

You are the experts in your field. The key to a successful Design Sprint is to bring together a small, multidisciplinary team of 5-7 people. We require a minimum of three days’ effective presence (workshop part).

Your team is also invited to prototype and watch Live testing on Day 5.

Our services for the insurance sector include:

  • Design Sprint Workshops: Intensive sessions to define challenges, generate solutions, prototype, and test ideas with real users.
  • Prototype Development: Rapid creation of testable product versions to gather user feedback before actual development of the product or service.
  • User Testing: Organizing feedback sessions with real users to refine products before they are launched on the market.
  • Strategic Analysis: Assessing market trends and customer needs to steer the sprints towards the most impactful solutions.

To discover how Design Sprints can propel your insurance company to new heights of innovation and customer satisfaction, contact us.

They sprint with us

Citizen workshop for the Dibs project
Excellente expérience! Equipe très professionnelle qui s'implique avec engagement et enthousiasme pour nous soutenir dans le challenge de nos objectifs! Nous avons pu dégager des enseignements pertinents et affiner notre approche conceptuelle grâce aux constats issus du prototype. Merci de nous avoir offert un cadre de travail performant, dans la confiance d'oser et dans la convivialité.
Pascale Hellmueller | développement organisation