Design Sprint Discovery for leaders in innovation

1 Day - Level 1

Discover the Design Sprint methodology and its business value.  Learn how to integrate it as a core-innovation process in your organization. This is a discovery course focused on the impact of the process for companies. Unlike our more advanced facilitation Masterclasses this  training is adapted to large groups.

Used by some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Slack, Uber, Facebook, BBC, or Zalando, Design Sprint provides an undeniable competitive advantage. It’s a pragmatic and effective way to integrate Design Thinking and UX Design into an organization based on co-creation and collaboration.

In this exciting and eye-opening training, our expert Sprint master will take you and your team through this revolutionary way of working.

Who should attend?

  • Innovation managers
  • C-level and executives
  • HR managers
  • Heads of products
  • Project Managers
  • Product owners
  • Consultants

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  • Learn how to accelerate innovation in your organization in an exciting but pragmatic way
  • Learn how to sell innovation workshops too your clients or internally
  • Develop the skills and increase empowerment in your team
  • Enable them to design products and services in a more efficient way
  • Introduce Agile and Lean startup in the company
  • Understand the main principles of user-centered design (UX)


  • 1-day Design Sprint Training, in-person or online
  • Practical exercises to be practiced in small groups
  • In-depth case studies
  • Practical tools and templates
  • Lots of Q&As with room for questions and exchanges


  • Origins of the design sprint at Google Ventures
  • Design Thinking vs Design Sprint
  • Assemble the right team
  • The 5 phases of the methodology
  • The ROI of the design sprint
  • Case studies and prototypes examples
  • User testing, and the importance of iteration
  • In-person vs remote workshops
  • Sell the design sprint to your boss
Design Sprint 1 day training masterclass

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