Design Sprints are an adventure and we love to share it with our community.

Growing Design Podcast

Podcast with Ed Orozco and Steph Cruchon

Fast forward timelapse Design Sprint workshop

A full remote Design Sprint fast forward

Steph Cruchon

Steph Cruchon lancement design sprint ltd

How I launched Design Sprint Ltd five years ago

Steph Cruchon

Invincible Innovation podcast - Steph Cruchon

Invincible Innovation Podcast – Itoday Innovation Summit

Podcast with Adi Mazor Kario and Steph Cruchon

Creating future-ready cross-functional teams at Google

Kai Haley - Itoday 2020

Jake Knapp Design Sprint - Itoday

Design Sprint & The Innovation Cookbook

Jake Knapp - Itoday 2020

A conversation about remote Design Sprints

Steph Cruchon and Paul Van der Linden