2 days

Discover and practice the Design Sprint methodology. Training adapted to large groups, given in-house by Steph Cruchon, our expert facilitator.

What’s the best way to learn all about Design Sprint? – Certainly to organize one. However, setting up such a workshop requires a certain level of expertise. It’s best to be sure of the process before asking your team to book 5 days.

This is the purpose of this condensed Masterclass. Together we will spend two exciting and fast-paced days discovering this revolutionary work process. 

Stéphane Cruchon, the Sprintmaster, will present in detail all the steps of the workshop and will share his secrets with you. At the end of this training, you will be able to facilitate your Sprints, to recruit the ideal team, and to know everything about testing and prototyping tools.


  • Visually represent a business issue and guide the direction
  • Identify critical issues at the business or product level
  • Sketch creative solutions with confidence, even if you’re not a designer
  • Make important decisions without unnecessary debates
  • Choose the right kind of prototype, according to your product or team
  • Integrate Design Sprint into your product development strategy


  • Design Sprint 2-day Masterclass
  • Design Sprint vs Design Sprint 2.0
  • Practical exercises and a theoretical basis
  • Solving mini Design Challenge over two days
  • Case studies
  • Sharing Experiences
  • A great place for questions and exchanges


  • Design Sprint vs Design Sprint 2.0
  • Defining the problems
  • Mapping
  • Ideation, sketch your solution (Sketch)
  • Putting prototyping into practice
  • Prepare and conduct user tests
  • Design Sprint Quarter
  • Advanced facilitation
  • Q/A

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If you have questions about the Design Sprint and how to integrate it into your company, contact Steph Cruchon, our lead UX Designer via [email protected] or book a chat call.

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