Design and creation of websites and mobile applications

At Design Sprint Ltd. we are proud to have a very experienced team. Each of our designers, senior UX / UI, is a graduate of a design school and has spent over 15 years in web design: designing, prototyping, coding, launching and maintaining websites, mobile applications, services and innovative products.

Our process regularly starts with a Design Sprint, but we can intervene later, when the specifications are already well defined for example.

In addition to the Design / UX / Graphic Design work, we can take care of project management and act as Product Owner on the most complex projects.

When the technical requirements are relatively simple (for example the creation of a Wordpress site or a Shopify shop) we do everything ourselves. 

When the needs are more technical (Apple iOS or Android applications), Intranet, Drupal sites, etc. We collaborate with the best development teams in French-speaking Switzerland to bring your websites and applications to life.

Design Sprint Prototyper

Rapid prototyping softwares

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  • We assist from the concept to execution
  • Create products adapted to the target audience
  • Integrate the user in the development process
  • Agile development
  • Improving Product with iterative design
  • Swiss-made development quality


  • Long-term accompaniment
  • Style Guides and design systems
  • Agile development Sprint (2 weeks)
  • Sprint review to adapt the backlog and prioritize


  • A product that evolves in an agile way and focuses on the needs of the user.
  • Professional quality website or app. 
  • Evolutionary product that can be improved at any time and developed over time, in line with your objectives and budget.

Wanna work with us?

If you are thinking of organizing a Design Sprint with us, need consulting or mentorship, contact a facilitator, via or book a Zoom call.

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