Here we are: all ideas from previous days will be consolidated on day 4’s prototype. One day to make what is sometimes a blurry concept look tangible and testable.At Design Sprint Ltd., the Designers/ Sprintmaster will handle the creation and design of the prototype. The rest of the team can relax and go about their business. 

Build prototype

However, a member of the team (ideally the project manager or Decider) should remain available to validate the progress of the prototype. The other team members can, of course, help us, which is always appreciated as it is a significant effort to make this kind of fake product in a single day.

On day 4, it is possible to work remotely. We communicate through chat, Slack, Zoom, Skype, or telephone.

We create Prototypes using software such as Invision, Adobe XD, or Figma. Team members can add comments directly to the prototype. This allows us to modify what needs to be adjusted quickly.

Prepare user tests

In parallel with the design work, the Design Sprint Ltd. team plans the tests, creates a test scenario, and finalizes the recruitment of testers for the Day 5.

Agenda - Day 4

9:00 Introduction
Creation of the Prototype (Designers)
Lunch 12:30 – 13:30
If needed: a link to the Prototype work in progress will be sent to the team.
Last modifications before testing
18:00  end Day 4

Rapid prototyping softwares

Case study, the prototype of the Swiss Tech Convention Center Website

The Design Sprint day by day


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Design Sprint - Day 5

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