Give the illusion of presenting a real website or a real App. Within a few days, or sometimes even a few hours, thanks to our teams skills and rapid prototyping experience we are able to simulate a final product.

The digital prototype can be different level of fidelity. Low or mild fidelity prototypes are perfect for testing a business concept or an idea. High fidelity prototypes look realistic and represents almost finished product.

A prototype simulates the design of product or concept, without writing any code. Being agile, our team review often and adapt working tools quickly. It allows us to use the most advanced softwares in the field. At the moment we are working with tools such as Figma, Invision, Sketch or Adobe XD to make even the most complex ideas tangible. 

Rapid prototyping softwares

Case study, Prototype of the new Swiss Tech Convention Center website


STCC prototype

Prototype of the new Swiss Tech Convention Center website, Day 4 of the Design Sprint

Final website

STCC website

Final Swiss Tech Convention Center website, launched 3 months after the Sprint


  • Making an idea tangible
  • Simulate the product
  • Pitching your product to an investor
  • Communicating with developers
  • Iterative product design


  • First sketches, concept
  • Zoning work
  • Wireframing, black and white wireframing model
  • Graphic design of the views
  • Interaction design
  • Guide style or system design


  • A realistic app containing real data and a test scenario that can be presented to various stakeholders or investors.
  • First prototype that can be presented to future users and improved according to their feedback.

The Design Sprint day by day


Design Sprint - Day 0


Design Sprint - Day 1


Design Sprint - Day 2

Design Sprint Day 3 decide


Design Sprint - Day 3

Design Sprint rapid prototyping


Design Sprint - Day 4

Design Sprint jour 5 tester


Design Sprint - Day 5

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