This first day "understand" is critical for the smooth progress of the Sprint as it serves to align with the objectives of the workshop and to define the problem better. This problem framing effort is the heart of the first day.

Experts talks

You will be working in a small multidisciplinary team, explicitly created to meet the needs of the Sprint. The only preparation, on your side, for Day 1, is a 15 min presentation. You will share your point of view on risks and opportunities linked to the Sprint Challenge. You are free to present any information (data, research, etc.) that could be useful to the team.

These presentations called Expert Talks follow one after the other. Each one listens attentively and notes questions on post-its.

Problem framing

We will apply the “How Might We” technique born at Procter & Gamble and popularized by Stanford University ( This problem definition and questioning mode of the redesign is an important step in a successful Design Thinking process.


We then carry out an “Affinity mapping,” i.e., a categorization of the most critical issues to be dealt with. 

The afternoon is devoted to an experience mapping exercise, i.e., the key paths of users or customers. It can also be the highlighting of an existing process. The idea is to understand in detail the qualities and weaknesses of the current solution or ecosystem and to define very precisely what needs to be improved or completely redesigned..

At the end of Day 1, we will have a well-defined strategy which will serve as a guideline for the rest of the Design Sprint.

10:00 Introduction to Design Sprint
Sprint Challenge, But long terme et risques
11:00 Experts’ panel: each one presents his or her vision of the needs.
Notes ’’How might we?’’
Lunch 12:30 – 13:30
Target users
Creation of the “Map” – scenario and User Experience
Choose the most important elements of the experience and which points to solve
16:30 end of Day 1

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