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a better future is everybody’s business

Funding and cash flow, productivity, processes, motivation, staff turnover, changing technology - these are the headaches businesses are facing every day. And then there are the REALLY BIG problems: climate change, overconsumption, poverty, social injustice… We’ve reached the moment when we can’t just sit and talk about sustainability, we need to act if we want to see a better tomorrow. And as Designers, we think that we have a responsability.

Our commitment to make Sustainability Sprints accessible

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are innovation experts specializing in the facilitation of workshops with strategic issues. We aim to work on projects where the impact is greatest. You are a startup, NGO, belong to a movement, or work at the corporate and have a challenge directly linked to UN Sustainable Goals? We cover up to 20% of YOUR Design Sprint.

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Global sustainability goals

We finally understand and accept that each of us needs to ensure that the way we live now is not compromising the life quality of tomorrow.

We have been already talking for decades about circular economy and a sustainable way of living and working. Covid-19 showed how vulnerable we are. Hundreds and thousands of businesses closed permanently in just a couple of months. Disasters and crises come and go, and of course, we can’t foresee everything, but we can be ready to react!

UN came with the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The UN Global Goals cannot be achieved without businesses. But we won’t be able to achieve it by doing business as usual. We need to scale sustainable solutions around the world and fast.

Countries will be better placed to recover from the human and economic devastation caused by COVID-19 by accelerating efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

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Adapt, Pivot, or Reinvent with Design Sprint

It is through collective intelligence that we succeed in solving the most complex problems. Today, it has become crucial for decision-makers to make informed decisions and define a vision supported by their teams. But it is not enough to lock oneself in a conference room for hours to find viable solutions. Very often, these unstructured discussions go around in circles. Successful problem solving requires a clear and structured process and an expert, neutral facilitator.

Our method: Design Sprint was invented within Google to solve important problems quickly or to test promising ideas while limiting the risk. This 5-day process aligns multidisciplinary teams, often at the highest level, and allows us to test risky concepts without investing too much of resources.

As a Design Sprint agency, we have been working alongside extremely inspiring startups and big companies who see the necessity to develop sustainable products and services. We’ve been there to guide them in their innovation process, consult and find the solutions alongside their teams.

The more Design Sprints we run on sustainability challenges, the more we realize that this methodology has a huge potential for exploring the unknown and challenging business models behind each concept and solution.

If we want to move fast with creating new solutions we need to tackle the right problems, select impactful ideas, and develop paths towards feasible solutions that users, beneficiaries, or customers would need and want. Design Sprint is powerful decision-making support and an accelerator for strategic projects.

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