The Design Sprint is an unforgettable experience

We live intense moments with you. Here are some key highlights in our company's history

May 2022
"Excellent work methodology to improve any corporate business."

Juan Ayala Vélez Hotel Manager | Operations and Development at B&B Hotels España & Portugal

March 2022
"Plaisir partagé d’avoir travaillé avec vous, nous sommes tous très satisfait de l’expérience."

Vincent Luthy | Manager

February 2022
"Excellente expérience avec le Design Sprint. Ce qu'ils "vendent", c'est simplement vrai. On a résolu une problématique en un temps record!"

Thierry Dubugnon | Digital Marketing Manager chez Montres Breguet SA

February 2022
"Je vais être court et bref. Une équipe donne le meilleur d’elle-même grâce au coaching. Vous êtes de vrais professionnels. Merci pour votre travail, soutien, expérience et j’en passe."

Mustapha Tahere | TeamLeader Traffic Management 2 STIB-MIVB

February 2022
Merci Steph, Julien et Eglé pour cette magnifique semaine! C'était juste géniale de découvrir le Design Sprint! Votre capacité à animer la semaine et à guider les 90 élèves m'a impressionné, bravo pour tout ce travail!

Tanguy Ecoffey | Co-fondateur chez Robin des Fermes

February 2022
"Un grand merci Julien pour la formation et ton attention particulière à toutes nos questions et les éclaircissements que tu as su nous apporter – l’équipe est ravie et je suis rassuré des possibilités et techniques qui s’offrent à nous pour concevoir notre projet."

Aldo Fortis | Head of Brand Creation & Development Marketing

January 2022
logo hemostod
" Merci de nous avoir guidés pendant ce workshop, et d'avoir rendu ce travail d'alignement stratégique très ludique ! On va recommander la méthode autour de nous!"

Elodie DAHAN | Co-CSO Engineering Microfluidic expert - HemostOD

design sprint in medtech
January 2022
November 2021
Logo Somfy SVG
"Excellente prestation de Stephane et de son équipe. J'ai découvert ce processus, qui va nous faire gagner du temps et de l'efficacité pour la satisfaction client."

Joël THIEBAUT | Products & Services – Brand Experience Application Support & Technical Documentation - Manager at Somfy

November 2021
"Thanks folks 1 more time, really loved the process, this was a terrific introduction to Design Sprints 🙌🏻"

Christophe Pasquier | CEO at Slite

September 2021
Design sprint at Whitepod Hotel in the swiss Alps with the teams of and Phida
September 2021
Remote design sprint for Brussels' public transportation company STIB
September 2021
HES Vaud
"I participated in the Design Sprint to experience something new, to get to know new people and new ways of team work. And that's what I loved the most about it: you work alone, but together, so you don't end-up in big discussions."  (▶️ video)

Lilia Tanar | Vice President EHL Club des Entrepreneurs

August 2021
Logo Itoday SVG
In August 2021 we organized Innovation Today Masterclasses at the Swiss Tech Convention Center. It was one of the first in-person event post Covid, and our first hybrid event. Despite the sanitary conditions, it turned out to be a huge success. Participants were treated with world-class Masterclasses from Jake Knapp, and Yves Pigneur & Alexander Osterwalder (creators of the Business Model Canvas)

August 2021
"Steph did a great job guiding us through this week. Highly valuable and very worthwhile! If you want to make fast progress with a specific project, do a Design Sprint with an expert such as Steph."

Felix von Kunhardt | VP Product Management Decibel - Medallia

August 2021
Logo Roche SVG
"I would like to thank you for you wonderful facilitation, contribution to the ideas and of course running the best design sprint I have ever witnessed.We are looking forward to working with you in the future hairy and audacious challenges."

Deniz Gmür | Head of Product Development

May 2021
"I can't recommend Steph highly enough! He was an excellent facilitator for my team's design sprint. The process helped us better understand our users' needs and unlock a greater level of creativity. We are based in San Francisco, and even working 'off hours' and facilitating virtually, Steph's energy was contagious."

Noreen McInnis | Product Marketing at Adobe

May 2021
"Excellent methodology which puts your end users in mind all the time during Sprint. Enthusiastic facilitators from Design Sprint."

Durga Kante | R&D Product Development Specialist at Nestlé

May 2021
Prototyping workshop with the students of CREA school in Geneva


May 2021
"Steph and his team provided us with a perfect coaching / assistance for our design sprint. Highly recommended"

Julien Mourlon | Digital experience advisor at SNCB

February 2021
Steph taught a design sprint course for world-famous design prize and community Awwwwards


February 2021
Logo Heig vd
"Someone cracked the secret to a great Zoom experience and I think it is worth sharing. Last week Kiwix was happy to be part of a design sprint to re-think the User Experience of its Raspberry Pi hotspots. We basically spent FIVE (5!) days online, and not a minute of it was boring. It was a great experience, the results were beyond anything we could have dreamt of (I would even describe them as "stellar")."

Stephane Coillet-Matillon | CEO Kiwix

February 2021
Logo Rogé Cavailles
"Encore un très très grand merci à Stephane et Julien pour cette semaine riche, productive et dynamique. L’équipe est boostée à bloc avec de très belles perspectives d’innovations."

Antoine Troegeler | Marketing Director at Bolton Group

January 2021
Logo Decibel insights
"Steph and the team expertly guided us through the entire process, and really turned the fact it was remote from a potential negative to an amazing positive. By the end of it, we’d made incredible progress, accelerated months of product design and gained a tonne of new insight on our own customers. We also felt like we’d gained a new honorary member of the team, and a friend in the process."

Rhylan Johnson | Product Manager

September 2020
"Un concept puissant, décor magique Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel, une équipe créative PHIDA Construction, un médiateur à la pointe de la technologie Stéph Cruchon, un timer, 5 jours de design sprint et les idées fusent. La magie opère et bientôt un nouveau concept de toiture innovant et écologique sera né!"

Fabiana Falce | Responsable Marketing & Communication

August 2020
Logo Itoday SVG
"Ended the week with a BANG :boum: at Innovation Today Conference. Honestly one of the best online conferences I’ve been to, from the prep to the final experience. Thank you and “bravo!” to Steph Cruchon Eglé Cruchon and Julien SUARD who organised the event and paid attention to the details with a relaxed and positive attitude the entire time!"

Laila von Alvensleben | Head of Culture & Collaboration at Mural

June 2020
Logo iom un migration SVG
Steph ran a remote design sprint with the NGOs Terre des Hommes and IOM International Organization for Migration gathering several teams and participants from Africa (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast), Middle EAst (Lebannon, Egypt, Europe (Switzerland, France) and Canada
March 2020
Logo Somfy SVG
"Beaucoup de professionnalisme et une efficacité redoutable pour craquer un sujet complexe. Le cadrage apporté par la méthode a permis de mener avec discipline et bonne humeur la première étape du projet de manière accélérée. Merci et bravo. Je recommande !"

Barbara Augustin | Global Product Line Manager at Somfy

February 2020
Logo Mobalpa SVG
"Super expérience la semaine passée avec Design Sprint. Une méthode éprouvée et vraiment différenciante qui nous a permis de gagner un temps fou.
Les animateurs ont été parfaits et on réussi l’exploit de cadrer une équipe de personnalités enthousiastes et très différentes.
Je recommande vivement les hommes et la méthode!"

Matthieu Le Gendre | Responsable des projets digitaux

December 2020
Logo Firmenich SVG
"My first Design Sprint experience, great technic and great Team! Being able to see user tests in Live is so powerfull!!! Looking forward working with it again soon"

Frank Pillonel | Senior Business Lead

November 2019
In-person Masterclass with Steph and Julien in Lausanne Switzerland.
November 2019
Logo Romande Energie SVG
Design sprint with the swiss energy company Romande Energie, in the field of sustainability
September 2019
"Very professional and nice people. if you want to experience a first Design Sprint session, contact them. They will help you to understand and put in place correctly the methodology. We have really enjoyed this first experience with them.To summarize: They know what they are doing."

Julien Thomas De Boer | Product Manager

September 2019
HES Vaud
"Merci pour cette semaine si enrichissante! C’était une expérience incroyable dont je me souviendrais longtemps :)"

Myriam Benkais | Student Ecole La source

September 2019
Logo Loreal SVG
Strategic design sprint with the C-level of Nyx cosmetics, l'Oréal group
July 2019
"Excellente expérience! Equipe très professionnelle qui s'implique avec engagement et enthousiasme pour nous soutenir dans le challenge de nos objectifs! Nous avons pu dégager des enseignements pertinents et affiner notre approche conceptuelle grâce aux constats issus du prototype. Merci de nous avoir offert un cadre de travail performant, dans la confiance d'oser et dans la convivialité."

Pascale Hellmueller | développement organisation

June 2019
We organized a Retreat in the swiss Alps, with Jake Knapp, the creator of the design sprint, and a lucky few designers and innovation managers.

Whitepod eco-luxury hotel Switzerland

June 2019
We organized the first Design Sprint Masterclass with Jake Knapp in Paris. On a boat cruising on the Seine river.
March 2019
Logo Sicpa SVG
"Feel your company is stuck in a rut and you just can’t find that flow of design concepts anymore. I strongly recommend a design sprint with Stéphane Cruchon. It's straight to the point and brings out the best of your ideas."

Sebastien Freuler | Creative Manager at Sicpa

March 2019
First design sprint in the field of architecture with the teams of Coty Geneva.
December 2018
"J'ai été impressionné par la maturité d'experience sur un processus aussi nouveau. Stéphane et ses équipes ont aussi une capacité impressionnante à se plonger dans des sujets différents et à apporter un point de vue extérieur pertinent et précieux. Toutes les agences de design annoncent qu'elles font du design sprint, mais seules quelques unes sont vraiment spécialisées dans cette technique si particulière."

Sylvain Chaussard | Product Manager

December 2018
Logo Climeworks SVG
"It was amazing! We've learned so much, especially on the way we can work together across teams and create new, viable and specific ideas that we can test and bring to the market. One of the main insights that we've got is that we really have to include the people we create and sell products to."

Steven Goodman | Business Development Manager

November 2018
"On est dans un domaine où l'Afrique a innové, -les services financiers numériques-, et on se voit comme pionniers et c'est l'occasion encore d'innover pour apporter des produits encore plus performants à nos clients. Un grand merci à Stéph et Alexis!" (▶️ video)

Ramatoulaye Diallo Shagaya | Directrice générale Orange Money Senegal

September 2018
Logo Masschallenge SVG
"Amazing opportunity to spend a week working with two start ups! Incredible experience both personally and professionally. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!"

Maryne Aquarone | HES student at Ecole de la Source

July 2018
We welcomed the legendary Jake Knapp, creator of the design sprint at Google Ventures, for the first time in Switzerland.

Gotham coworking, Lausanne

June 2018
Logo Fer Geneve SVG
Design sprint with FER Geneva, about internal tools and processes

FER Geneve

Steph & Eglé have been invited at Google San Francisco for the Sprint conference

Noreen McInnis | Product Marketing at Adobe

August 2018
Logo Retraites Populaires SVG
"Je ne peux que recommander la méthodologie et l'équipe de Design Sprint.J'ai été impressionné par la quantité d'informations parcourues, discutées et digérées en si peu de temps et la qualité des idées qui sont ressorties."

James Ingram | digital & data manager at Retraites Populaires

Deisgn Sprint Retraites Populaires
tl design sprint
Jan 2018
Design Sprint with the public transportation company TL

Transports publics de Lausanne

September 2017
Logo Hopital Ophtalmique
"La méthodologie Design Sprint nous a permis d’aller à l’essentiel et, surtout, de confronter tout de suite nos idées avec les besoins de nos bénéficiaires. Grâce à l’encadrement pro et chaleureux de Stéphane, ce workshop a été rafraîchissant et nous a fait gagner du temps, de l’énergie et de l’argent ! Merci !"

Muriel Faienza | Fondation Asile des aveugles

August 2017
"Congratulations on an excellent choice of concept and facilitation. I found Stephane and his approach very professional. I don’t want to get ahead of myself as I know that we have yet a ways to go to complete this project but it is clearly on track and very much looking forward to the end result. Then we can celebrate with the entire STCC team."

Julianne Hammers | Managing Director of the SwissTech Convention Center

May 2017
Logo Autodesk
"Over 5 days, we all together designed and reached agreements which would have taken several months considering a globally distributed teams and stakeholders. By having the stakeholders involved in its design, it lifted multiple roadblocks to proceed with its development and even enabled a dedicated budget for it."

Raphael Racine | International Customer Experience Manager

Design Sprint Swiss re
August 2016
In 2016, Steph runs a series of design sprints with Swiss Re, one of the world's main reinsurance company.

Swiss Re

How it started
Jan 2016
After several smaller-scale experiments in 2015, Steph runs his first full design sprint (in a cellar) in January 2016, with the sportswear retail company Trend Mania.

Trend Mania

Corporate Innovation with Design Sprints - Lev. 1 (discovery)

In French 🇫🇷, with Steph Cruchon
Theoretical training 1/2 day. We'll talk about org strategy, case studies, Q&A... (live online)

Nov. 16 2022
Early birds
Design Sprint Masterclass with certificate Lev 2 (advanced)

In French 🇫🇷, with Steph Cruchon
Delivers Design Sprint Ltd. certificate 2 full days training. A real workshop experience (live online)

Nov. 17 & 18 2022
Early birds