Design Sprint Ltd

Founded in 2015 by Steph Cruchon, Design Sprint Ltd is Europe's most experienced design sprint agency. We are based in Lausanne Switzerland but work internationaly. Our mission is to help large companies, start-ups, and governments innovate and reinvent themselves through Design.

We are pioneers and experts in the UX “Design Sprint” methodology from Google Ventures.  And we learned directly from the best: Jake Knapp, the creator of Sprint at Google Ventures, with whom we collaborate regularly and who has become a close friend.

Over the years we have gained international recognition for the method and are now recognized by Google as the official “Design Sprint Chapter” for Switzerland. Design Sprint is a user-centered co-creation method that allows for the drastic acceleration of the creation process of a complex web product or service, offering the best return on investment on important or strategic projects. Our clients in Switzerland, France, and around the world come from a variety of industries challenging their services, digital and physical products: banks, insurance companies, healthcare institutions, health tech start-ups, energy, government, and public authorities. Your projects are important and deserve the best team. Each of our designers, senior UX / UI is a graduate of a design school and has spent more than 15 years designing, prototyping, coding, launching and maintaining websites, mobile applications, services and innovative products. Design Sprint Ltd is also the organizer of Innovation Today Conference at EPFL.

In late 2022, our team also released his own product: Genius Loci Medals a connected solution to enhance places of interest worldwide.

stephane cruchon design sprint

Steph Cruchon

CEO / Facilitator / UX Designer

Steph Cruchon, CEO, Designer (UX / UI), Facilitator,  Lecturer and Innovation expert. He is the founder of Design Sprint Ltd with more than 15 years of experience in product design, and services. Steph is one of the pioneers of the Design Sprint methodology in Europe and its main evangelist in Switzerland. He is author of “The Design Sprint Quarter”, a three-months strategy for transforming promising ideas into viable products.He helps startups and companies to rethink their working habits and to turn their promising ideas into products and services. Steph has personally run full-week Sprints with more than 60 companies across various industries (Swiss Re, Autodesk, Swissquote bank, l’Oréal, Climeworks, Kudelski, and others) to conceive and fast prototype their services, strategies and products.

He runs design sprints in both French and English.

Stéph teaches and coaches regularly at SAWI in Lausanne, EPFL, Innosuisse-Venturelab and SwissTech Association.

He is also a seasoned Lecturer and Speaker (Invision DesignBetter, Eracom, Blend Web Mix, Product Tank, Digital Strategy and UX Meetup…)

Egle Minkstimaité

Office & Event Manager / User testing

Eglé is a Social Sciences graduate and was trained as a psychologist. She has been part of Design Sprint activities from the beginning but officially joined the team in 2017.

She began her career in childhood education, working for years in multicultural environments, coordinating, engaging and building trust between teams and clients. Her passion for understanding people led her on a path where she focus on understanding user expectations, behaviours, needs, and motivations.

Eglé takes care of User testing and research using dedicated methods to find out what customer wants and needs in order Design Sprint team to design the products, services and experiences accordingly.

For the last years with Design Sprint Ltd. team, she has been creating new experiences – starting just from an early-stage idea and transforming it into something people truly value and remember. Proposing world-class events and projects to empower people to connect, get inspired, to take more calculated risks, and build sustainable businesses.

egle cruchon design sprint
julien suard ux designer design sprint

Julien Suard

Lead Product Designer UX/UI

With more than 20 years experience in product design, former head of design and ergonomics at Infomaniak Network SA. He spent 9 years rethinking the company’s ecosystem, its Design System and unifying all Infomaniak products for a better user experience. Julien now manages the design of important digital products, co-facilitates workshops and teaches courses focusing on user experience (UX) and prototyping.

Orlane Perey

Designer & Art Director, branding and visual merchandising

⚡️ Design Sprint Ltd Fellow

Orlane is a senior designer and artistic director with a long experience in the field of visual communication.

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne and a Federal Certificate in Marketing, Orlane has a specialization in Visual Merchandising. Two SAWI Design & Code diplomas, one in web design, the other in development complete her profile to transpose her expertise in the field of digital communication.

Orlane has worked for about ten years for internationally renowned brands, both internally (Blancpain) and through communication agencies (Nestlé, Pernod Ricard, Caran d’Ache, etc). In 2017, Orlane created her own company: Serendipity Agency, an agency specialized in branding and communication.

She has been co-facilitating sprints with Steph since 2018 and is now part of the Design-Sprint Ltd. fellowship.

Always on the lookout for trends and innovative ideas, Orlane continues to train continuously, which takes up a large part of her free time.

Equally passionate about personal development and “well-being,” she devotes much of her free time to areas such as meditation, pilates, and nutrition.

orlane perey design sprint
paul van der linden design-sprint

Paul Van der Linden

Independent Digital Innovation Consultant, Facilitator

⚡️ Design Sprint Ltd Fellow

Paul is a senior business consultant with over 25 years’ experience in Digital Innovation, marketing and transformation. He started at Philips Lighting’s headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. There he was part of the Digital Innovation team. In 1996 he led Philips Lighting into the online world and developed personalized user journeys for B2B and B2C. After moving to Atos, Paul was asked to support Procter & Gamble in their quest to transition from traditional (paper/TV) marketing to online marketing. He worked for the world’s largest brands such as Pampers, Pringles, Gillette, Hugo Boss in B2C always using the latest technologies to improve the user experience and build global communities around Baby Development, Teens and Beauty.

Paul started a digital agency in the Atos organisation and worked for companies like Air France/ KLM, Nestlé, Novartis, Akzo Nobel, DSM, SGS, Siemens, and in the sport industry (the IOC, NOC*NSF, Olympique Lyonnais, Liverpool FC) on topics such as digital transformation, fan-experience, user experience, and disruption models. In 2019 he connected with Stéph Cruchon and joined as “fellow” the Design-sprint team in Lausanne.

Paul has been a regular speaker at Innovation Centres, organised and facilitated workshops. In his free time he is a fanatic trail-runner, football coach and volunteer at several sport-events such as the Montreux Trail Festival.

Fabrice Liut

Facilitator / Systems Designer

⚡️ Design Sprint Ltd Fellow

Fabrice Liut, Facilitator, Systems & regenerative Designer, wired problems solver. He started facilitating in 2012 and has more than 12 years of experience in Designs (UI/UX/research/circular).

He supports those who develop regenerative initiatives through the practices of Designs, the organization of knowledge, and the management of cooperative projects. Fab is one of the pioneers of the Design Sprint methodology in Europe and its main evangelist in south France. He is the co-founder of Archipel Kyosei, a regenerative community composed of transdisciplinary french experts, addressing complex problems using the Design Sprint process as inspiration to facilitate their common projects.

Fab has personally run full-week Sprints with more than 45 companies across various industries (Adeo, Bdr Therma, Renault, etc…) to conceive and fast prototype their services, strategies, and products.He runs design sprints in both French and English.Fab teaches and coaches regularly in Lyon, France in different kinds of high school programs to help students develop their systemic and sustainable approaches.He writes and creates a lot of media to share his experiences and pieces of knowledge about systems thinking, regenerative designs, knowledge systems management, project management and so more.

Fabrice Liut - System designer and facilitator, Design Sprint Ltd