Accelerate innovation in the public transportation sector with Design Sprint

Tailored solutions for complex urban transport challenges

Our expertise with major entities such as STIB in Brussels and TL in Lausanne demonstrates our ability to transform public transportation services. With Design Sprint, we have tackled various challenges, from improving business processes to implementing innovative infrastructures.

Why is Design Sprint essential for public transport?

Project diversity, yet a repeatable and scalable methodology
Whether it’s infrastructure projects, business tool design, or service optimization, our approach is proven. We have led transformative projects that have directly improved operational efficiency and user experience in the transportation sector.

Collaboration and innovation

Our workshops bring together decision-makers, technicians, and end-users to work together on concrete solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions developed are not only innovative but also perfectly aligned with the real needs of users and the strategic objectives of companies.

Success examples with STIB and TL

STIB-MIVB Brussels: 3 years of productive collaboration

STIB is the equivalent of RATP for the Brussels region, a major company in Belgium with 10,000 employees. Over three years, we have conducted more than 10 Design Sprints on various innovation projects with cross-silo teams created for the occasion. Innovative ideas were transformed into functional prototypes, focusing efforts on improving customer experience, sustainability, operational efficiency, and safety.

TL Lausanne: Innovation in French-speaking Switzerland

With TL, we worked on complex digital solutions related to passenger information or MaaS (Mobility as a Service).
Our specialized services for the public transportation sector

Design Sprint workshops for transportation

We offer 5-day workshops that allow public transport teams to tackle very complex specific issues, align, innovate quickly, and test solutions in real conditions.

Prototype development for transportation

Our team helps design and create prototypes that meet the specific requirements of public transport, allowing for continuous evaluation and improvement before final implementation by IT teams or external providers.

User testing and field validation

Prototypes are tested by real users, which allows for adjustments based on feedback directly from the field, thus ensuring significant improvements in terms of functionality and user satisfaction.

Transform your approach to public transportation with Design Sprint

Integrate Design Sprint into your innovation strategy to overcome complex challenges and continuously improve transport services. Contact us to discover how we can collaborate to revolutionize your public transport offerings.

Get involved

You are the experts in your field. The key to a successful Design Sprint is to bring together a small, multidisciplinary team of 5-7 people. We require a minimum of three days’ effective presence (workshop part).

Your team is also invited to prototype and watch Live testing on Day 5.

Our services for Transportation sector

  • Design Sprint Workshops: Intensive sessions to define challenges, generate solutions, prototype, and test ideas with real users.
  • Prototype Development: Rapid creation of testable product versions to gather user feedback before actual development of the product or service.
  • User Testing: Organizing feedback sessions with real users to refine products before they are launched on the market.
  • Strategic Analysis: Assessing market trends and customer needs to steer the sprints towards the most impactful solutions.

They sprint with us

Encore merci pour la facilitation et le prototypage, au top comme chaque fois !
Gaël Mercier - Innovation & Anticipation Officer
Bravo Julien pour ce super boulot !
Gaël Mercier - Innovation & Anticipation Officer
Je vais être court et bref. Une équipe donne le meilleur d’elle-même grâce au coaching. Vous êtes de vrais professionnels. Merci pour votre travail, soutien, expérience et j’en passe.
Mustapha Tahere | TeamLeader Traffic Management 2 STIB-MIVB
Remote design sprint for Brussels' public transportation company STIB
Steph and his team provided us with a perfect coaching / assistance for our design sprint. Highly recommended
Julien Mourlon | Digital experience advisor at SNCB
Excellente expérience! Equipe très professionnelle qui s'implique avec engagement et enthousiasme pour nous soutenir dans le challenge de nos objectifs! Nous avons pu dégager des enseignements pertinents et affiner notre approche conceptuelle grâce aux constats issus du prototype. Merci de nous avoir offert un cadre de travail performant, dans la confiance d'oser et dans la convivialité.
Pascale Hellmueller | développement organisation
tl design sprint
Design Sprint with the public transportation company TL
Transports publics de Lausanne