On the second day we will focus on the ideation process. This step, Google calls "diverge" or sketch. It allows each participant to sketch their interpretation of the future concept. This avoids plain brainstorming and brings more interesting solutions on the table.

Lightning Demos

We always start with ” Lightning Demos ” – short presentations of inspiring ideas from competitors or even from other sectors.

For example, we could see how Nike manages the user’s progress in its racing app, and reuse part of this model in the creation of our solution.


During this day, we create a real space for reflection while working together, alone. The participants will work separately, in a quiet environment, sometimes for more than an hour.

At the end of the day, the many ideas that will have emerged will always be precise and sharp. They often prove to be exciting and innovative.

Day 2 allows us to explore several paths and sometimes bring old ideas that we never really dared talk about, but actually may prove to be excellent.

10:00 Introduction
Lightning demos: (reference research, benchmarking, etc.) Idea hunt
Lunch 12:30 – 13:30
The four steps of Sketching:
Crazy 8’s
Solution Sketches
16:30  end of Day 2

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