Too often, the relationship between a client and its agency boils down to the classic setup of decision maker and performer. This proven model has, however, largely demonstrated weaknesses in the areas of web and digital. The Design Sprint brings a fresh perspective and an integral approach. It’s time to collaborate better.

To make a great digital product, sharing and collaboration during the conception phase is vital.

New Design approaches put people at the center of the process: the client is now personally involved in the project. The Agency for its part, is trying to better understand its needs and its business. The team formed like this will communicate better, show more solidarity, and move forward quickly.

the Team

During the five days of Design Sprint, we focus on your project with a common goal in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere: to develop the best prototype in the allotted time.

The Sprintmaster

An important aspect of this new way of working is being frank. As a Sprintmasters, our interest is to make this Design Sprint a hit; this means guiding you in the domain of of digital design, but also to give an outside view, as honest and constructive as possible.

During these five days, we will form a team and collaborate closely together. It will bring together the Sprintmaster who will lead the workshops and will execute the prototype, and between 4 and 6 people from the Client side.

Who to choose from your company to participate?

A member of management

Google recommends that the CEO or a member of management is present (even if just for one hour) on the first day of the sprint, to give the vision and mission of the company and discuss the objectives of the sprint. Also during the decisions taken on the 3rd day, “Decide” as they need to be validated before going any further with prototyping.

The Project Manager / Product owner

Very often, a project manager is appointed on the client side to follow the development of the application. As a centerpiece of the organization, this person will probably participate in the entire Sprint.

A marketing person

Even if the website or the app is not for promotional purposes, these are generally people within a company who will judge the quality and efficiency of design. Moreover they are very familiar with their target audience. Having Marketing on board will ensure the impact of the product.

A technical person

If the company (or startup) has software engineers, involve them in the Sprint! They are aware of the technical limitations and will raise a red flag if an idea is too complex or out of budget. Developers contribute in their way in creativity:  finding realistic solutions and simplifying features.

A business stakeholder

It is essential that in the Sprint the team has understood the business model of the future product and its key success factors. A business vision and a thorough understanding of how the company creates value will be a strong asset.

A designer

Although the Sprintmaster is himself a designer, a second UX or visual designer to integrate the team would save time on the prototype and would allow us to test several solutions in parallel.