This day is important because this is where the team will make important decisions regarding the rest of the Sprint: what features will we keep? What are we going to prototype? How can we simplify? It is also an inspiring moment of the experience as you discover the ideas of the other participants anonymously. If the decision-makers (CEO, CTO, PM, etc.) can only participate for an hour or so throughout the whole Sprint, it should be here. They attend as observers or external consultants to the Sprint team.


The Day 2 “Sketch” or Diverge, will produce many ideas, which we will expose & present during this 3rd day. 

The person who has taken the responsibility of “Decider” (often the project sponsor) is to choose the ideas that must be integrated into the Prototype and tested.

Storyboarding prototype

In the afternoon, following this decision, we will start putting together the Prototype. From scattered post-its, we will create a complete wireframe of the concept, and decide precisely what we will prototype.

Discussions are generally intense at this stage, which is absolutely normal. It is sometimes difficult to choose between two excellent competing ideas.


Each team member gets involved and creates content. Designers will integrate it into a working Prototype on Day 4.

As an example, for an App prototype, we design different views (or pages), action elements such as buttons, form fields, and integrate the navigation. The idea is to create a consistent, ergonomic workflow that guarantees the best user experience.

“The Museum” Discovery of the sketched ideas done in day 2, vote on the concepts
Presentation of concepts, discussions on the feasibility of ideas, impact /effort
Supervote: Decide which ideas will be prototyped
Lunch 12:30 – 13:30
Planning the test
Preparation of a test scenario, the definition of the profile of the testers
Prototype Foundations: Design the contents and structure of Prototype together.
List the Sprint Questions
16:30  end day 3

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