The Invincible Innovation podcast with Adi Mazor Kario and Steph Cruchon

Hey, that’s a good start everyone hi how are you i’m very happy to see you and today the question is what is the biggest insight from the eye today summit 2020 and i’m so happy to see you welcome to invincible innovation live i’m Adi Mazior Kario innovation value creation expert and i’ll be your host and i have with me today a very special episode and i have Steph Cruchon with me everyone and you’ll tell your because it’s like french and i don’t know how to pronounce it oh very good very good so i’m so happy to have you here with me and just a month ago even less than a month ago you had a very interesting and important summit for innovation and we heard today in a special episode to to have some secrets and insights of what you had there it’s very exciting and i know is that we met in google in san francisco in their offices and we had um a a workshop together with jake jake knapp and the design sprint creator and it was a very very like lots of fun and very interesting and i remember steph it was very impressive for me that you brought him this chocolate that looks like a time timer yeah yeah yeah yeah i can tell that story i think it’s fun it was in 2017 i was a huge fan of jake knapp the the author of the book sprints and i never met him in in real at that time so i knew that coming to google i will meet him for the first time so you see the time timer just behind me here i made a chocolate version because i’m swiss so yeah it costed a lot of money to create it it was very impressive it was a lot of massive chocolate you know very heavy and i i gave it to jake he loved it and yeah and ate it yeah and it’s it’s all eight it’s all within the family you know they are crazy chocolate eaters so but that was the that’s the way i i uh yeah yeah and and it was lots of fun to meet you there and him and um and today are gonna tell tell us who was like why did you create this i today summit who is it for who came to this yes yes it’s such a long story and such a cool story and exciting one um so i’m steph from design sprint ltd we are a company based in switzerland in europe and uh we do design sprints uh as a living so we are specialized in this workshop it’s like five years uh i’m running design sprints which is a long time now right i’ve done a lot of these sprints but we are still you know uh it still reaches you know kind of a niche of people who are designers or uxers or into products very deep people into product or innovation and uh still we we need to evangelize to explain what this is all about what is design sprint but also what is design thinking what is design also you know what is the power of design and there is a lot of things to tell about this and you know we came up with that realization that the way to get interesting and powerful people to even care about design in business and the way to to kind of attract these business people into the conversation is to organize something for them so not an event so events is great because it’s a great way to meet and to connect with people and we’ve realized that if it’s design conference if it’s too designed these people don’t come or don’t care so really from the beginning with i2d innovation today is to talk not about design or design screen but about innovation as a whole and to bring together business tech design and also ecology that’s important yeah it’s very important i think that in general when you’re thinking about design most people think about the tangible result of what we’re creating like what is the colors in the end or the fonts yeah and but design is much more than that and i think that as we perceive like understanding what’s the meaning of design and we have business results from design thinking and design processes it gets closer to the business and and not like into them less like marketing even uh think point of view of design right yeah we aren’t you know in in 2020 and the world is like you know upside down with that whole covet situation and more than ever design is important because we need to redesign everything about our life all the ways we used to to live to work to socialize to you know everything needs to be designed when you think you go to the theater it’s not the same like it was before you organize and even it’s not the same you go to the restaurant it’s not the same and that’s just a little part the most visible part you have so many products interfaces systems that needs heavy redesign and that’s why we’re here today right so what we decided to do is to take three talks that you decided like were most insightful or maybe surprising for you and we’re going to talk like t t dlr you know just to summarize what are the essence of the three and the first that we uh said we were gonna talk about is jake’s jake’s nap right so that’s that’s his talk so so tell us yeah exactly so uh if you are interested about i today so the summit event is past but we have the physical master classes in february in switzerland uh with jake and alex also walden eve premier so it’s gonna be the actual master classes and the summit was uh three weeks one month ago but you know it was so fast yeah and the website it’s chb meaning that it’s a swiss website absolutely um yeah um and so yeah the first talk of course it’s jake knapp so just to understand about that today we really wanted to have top-notch speakers like the best in the world about innovation and you know i kind of made my selfish list of people i was dreaming to have on our summit it was supposed to be a physical conference and i think it’s important to understand that first it was supposed to be physical in person in switzerland and because of kovid we had pivot and make it virtual so jake was already scheduled to be in the physical event of course and give him as the class and then it was a no-brainer of course to ask him do you want to come as a as a on the virtual event uh problem with jake is that he’s super famous uh and he has been you know uh he’s always invited uh there and there and you know chad talk about design screen he gave a lot of crazy keynotes about design screen so he’s becoming very very famous people have read the book they know by heart all the pages of the book so it’s kind of hard to to come up with something new uh and to give some new content and it’s kind of the challenge that uh jake had he really took it seriously that event he was like okay i will come with something really new and so he didn’t invent a new sprint no but he he talked about uh the title of his talk was the innovation cookbook and it was how any business or company can basically learn from recipes from innovation recipes telling that if you start innovating just starting on your own and not reading and not trying anything pre-existing you will lose a lot of time and the sprint is one of these recipes and he he gave that great analogy about him cooking scrambled eggs having no idea how to cook it for real it looks simple so he was doing it but he was doing it wrong and today he read a recipe he understood how powerful it is so really cool talk about of course design sprint but more about the power of recipes and innovation and also he made everyone dance and you can go and yeah that’s there’s a replay uh replay section you can watch the topic and people were dancing like crazy which was really cool yeah one thing i i really want to mention like jake when you see usually see this picture i think it’s even part of the book if i’m not mistaken he’s really really tall i i’m almost here in when i i stand next to him and and i guess that the the physicality of somebody’s who is talking is very powerful so when he stands in front of of audience so it’s really impressive to see him and and i guess that one thing that you could do in order to make it more dynamic and interesting is to make people move and not like be stable and and start when they see it so exactly it’s uh you’re right jake is super charismatic uh in general of course in person you see him the guy is a giant and you know he has a deep voice and everything and you know he you know he he’s really uh yeah he has a lot of charisma and it’s always tricky it’s like is it gonna work online you know because like we we had an event that was physical and then it was fully online and you know what he’s so good at this he manages to keep that same intensity even online uh and yeah i’m very uh i’m very impressed by this actually yeah maybe can you just click if you can if you can show the website and click on replays yeah sure uh because i think it’s kind of cool to to show there is a little viewer oh now it’s it’s uh there is a sound uh yeah if you can remove the sound maybe it’s gonna yeah because the video is quite great you can see jake then dancing he looks like a giant pogo stick the way he dances if i press this uh this part just a minute if i press his so we can see the video of his of him that’s right yeah exactly exactly like we’re here and i should press no no just go to up on the top yeah on the top yeah this one yeah and this video yeah yeah okay yeah we saw that you’re right he’s not that a good dancer though because he’s giant so you know he looks good yeah he’s very tall okay so now we’re gonna go to the second talk captain watson oh my god one yeah so impressive for us it was key to have a top-notch speaker in sustainability uh it was really key to have someone who is hyper credible um because i’m just i think it’s such an important topic okay we talk only about kovid in 2020 but the real issue of the world is climate warming it’s uh what’s coming on our generation but also in the next generations and as a designer and as a thinker or innovator you need to think about the next 30 uh 50 years because we are the people who can make a change now and yeah that’s why it’s so important for me and i hate all that green washing you can see sometimes you know like company or changing the logo for something green or anybody or whatever but tell us in like in a few words who maybe doesn’t know who is paul what exactly we wanted someone who is not shallow and who is deep in sustainability and who has really a cause and paul watson he’s the founder and creator of sea shepherd conservation society so it’s these guys you know who are uh fighting the the whale poachers uh so uh paulo watson is actually one of the creators of greenpeace in the 70s and night yeah yeah he he co-created a green piece and he was um he was experienced from greenpeace in the 70s too because he was too hardcore about his uh but the way he was he you know was getting attached to uh to a boat he was like uh yeah he he dared to do absolutely everything he was pumping boats he was attacking he was never violent that’s the the key thing to understand about him but he behaves like a pirate his idea really is to to stop poachers and by all the means without being actually violent and yeah he’s like he’s such a character it’s 50 years so impressive to have people that have they have their own vision of how the world should be and they’re acting upon it and it’s like i really love it and and i think that in general i had one talk in this in this show about sustainability and i’ll have more because i think it’s really important and i think that it’s going to be more in the in the middle of the what people are focusing on in the upcoming years and in general i’m really for them you know i’m vegan so it’s like that’s good for me yeah yeah you see and and uh so sea shepherd on the boats they are also uh strictly vegan on the boats meaning that you that you can’t eat meat you they they are not all vegan but at least on the boat they are and what i love with that guy is like with paulo watson for the last 50 years he was an activist and he was on the ocean on the boat and he was actively fighting whale poachers and protecting the oceans and so having him uh was um was a great highlight for us of course because he’s so inspiring you know he’s i don’t know his age like 70 something uh he looks really impressive yeah he is he’s an actual pirate you know like for real um and he has been uh uh tracked by interpol uh all these things he had like his life is a movie basically yeah actually there was a whole tv show made around him uh called whale wars on discovery channel so and there are there are movies made after him so it was amazing to be able to talk live with someone who is a real ecological hero and it was really empowering i would say he talked also about our responsibility as innovators so of course him he’s an activist in ecology is very hardcore but there are things that we can do or choices we can make as designers or as innovators that will have a real impact on the future so sometimes you need to choose between do i take the well-paid job that the horrible company or do i accept to have less money but actually having a purpose or meaning in my job yeah yeah i understand that you know like sometimes uh when some of the startups they call me and they talk to me and sometimes it’s not right for me so like you know like in israel we have lots of like a binary options you know all these stuff and it’s like yeah it’s not for me so no thank you and all the things once like it reminds me like years they go a startup came up to me and they say we have a billion dollar idea we can make kids watch ads [Laughter] yeah freaky i said okay maybe it’s a million dollar but it’s not for me so it’s good that people are acting on their beliefs yeah it’s exactly that i think it’s the it’s key that as innovators we understand that our actions have an impact uh when you work on a product that’s used by thousands or millions of people depending where you work your choices and your actions will have an impact on the future and yeah you have the short term money you can earn making that doing that job but think about the consequences always always so paul watson was really uh so inspiring and basically we talked about that the other day any sentence he said during that talk it’s 45 minutes long you can watch it for free actually online 45 minutes long you can take any sentence he said you can make a t-shirt out of it because wow because it’s so inspiring and it’s 50 years it’s like repeating different ways yeah by heart he’s the best so some of the um talks are free and some of the talks are for replay or why is it online yeah so what are you excited about so so the way the way it worked for i today there were several tickets one was like the all access meaning that you could ask yourself the question to the speakers one was just watching the live stream and one was actually replaced for people who missed everything but still want to catch up they can watch the video so the talks are online they are not free it’s not expensive it’s 50 bucks for the whole 10 hours of content but you can watch because we are generous and nice people you can watch books two talks for free and the waterfall watson is free anyway but yeah you can watch two for free yeah so i really encourage you to do it it’s it’s i saw some of them it’s like wow it’s really worth it it’s great because okay we are not specialists of uh media we’re not a tv company we are just designers you know but i think we we managed to have great great interactions live interaction with the people who were uh in the audience they were interacting live asking the question live and it’s something you don’t see too often and that was really really cool yeah it’s really important you know like you’re saying we’re just designers and i just want to take the just from it it’s like we are designers and we can do lots lots of things that others can do and i think that the fact that we’re designers that we can just act upon our thoughts we can do something tangible so you created something and you designed it and you designed all the materials and the website and the marketing and the event itself and it’s something that most people don’t have the ability to to do that actually lots of work and talent so you you’re right we were actually uh for the whole event we were three working uh on it we had a help from the from a partner who made the the nice videos you see the marketing videos uh but it was a very very small team and we had uh three more volunteers the day of the event uh to help us this was such a small team and in very scrappy way you know we didn’t have crazy softwares gears uh technique it was all holding on my on my own computer you know at home it was made from home uh but i think it’s also it was part of the success of the event that it it was feeling a bit homemade but at the same time very exciting and not seen also it was something else and it was great to have something homemade but with huge stars being part of the show i think that in general we see that in the past we needed like a studio and and like a tv camera and everything and now it’s like you can take a good camera and it’s good enough for what you’re doing and you have a microphone and that’s it you have the software to get to anyone and to get to the speakers and to the attendees and you don’t need more than that yeah and it’s it’s wonderful to think about the the the knowledge sharing you could do this way so yeah all the networking there is one thing i i’ve really understood organizing this event and leaving it it’s uh it’s not really about the quality of the camera you have or the sound or whatever it’s about feeling that you are together in the instant it’s you know we work together in something even if we were spread all around the world and believing the same experience at the same time that was amazing and maybe i want to talk about the next speaker um about thomas i just want to add him on the list um because you can find him yeah yeah the comedian i think it’s something we we that was really wonderful to have him so thomas iselle he’s uh he’s a huge toy in switzerland it’s probably the most famous stand-up comedian in switzerland and he’s like he’s like you know he’s like a razor blade he’s like really sharp and he’s uh he’s very good at reacting live on on something and so we had him the two days of i today so he was kind of um having kind of a stand-up act at the beginning of the of each day which was uh scripted and written and everything but also he was live on our slack on our private slack and he was reacting to all the talks live and you know publishing jokes and images and memes and this was amazing because he is the best of the best and that was really really amazing and so there is a horrible sketch he can watch online he’s making fun of my mustache for example i love when you say mustache it sounds much better than when i say mustache yeah sorry it’s because i don’t know how to say it in english but you know it sounds it sounds like very french it’s like it is it sounds like you say it the right way yeah when we think about the um the event itself as something that we do together and you know when we laugh together and we have the same ideas and we have the same thoughts we are together in the same domain like spiritual domain so it’s it’s kind of together that we’re getting used to like working from home and doing things from home and having like shows together on home so it’s like it’s really important before organizing the event i read a lot online about online events fully online and i was very afraid that it will my fear was like it will look just watching a boring uh netflix show or boring video you know that you feel that uh yeah it’s just watching something that happened but uh you don’t feel part of it and we i loved the fact having a comedian part of the part of the event in life because anything could happen happen anytime and also we had a system like when he was publishing something on the slack we could show it on screen at the right moment so yeah all of this worked really well and that was cool yeah so we have a question and i want to uh we really recommend everyone who’s watching us to to take part of the of the talk and we have on calp i hope that i really said they were there so thank you for a question and he has he asked about how do you think where are we heading like people would they prefer to have something together in a physical space or to do it virtually like samsung and asus launching an event virtually what what do you think about that what do you think yeah it’s very interesting i think um virtual events is where i want to be as a designer and innovator myself because it’s way more risky there is so much to create you know when you think that you have web summit for example web submits they have demonstrated the quality of a physical event it’s huge but you have you can’t beat them you can create a new event and beat web summit they’re already here they are massive and they have a trade area which is very important so exactly so so this is a model that works physical events like except between kobe but that works and you won’t be able to to really improve them or to make them better virtual events everything is to create basically what we have created is probably one of the first i like to say the first cool one in the way that we really try to think well about the experience as deep as we could even having something very small but still the tools they are very you know it’s that kind of stone age you know about virtual events and i dream that you know we have all these vr things we don’t know what what to do with right now all these tech are existing it’s just we don’t have oh i think about that now i just i read it while we were talking and he think if he asked about the vr keynote recently samsung had yeah i think he asked that actually i think it already exists of course it has been done uh in some areas the problem is like not everyone at home has a crazy vr headset or you know it has to be part of a showroom or something and i think what’s gonna be the key differentiator is when you can bring this kind of technology to a mass audience or mass public uh i’m thinking about the music festivals i see a lot of people saying uh are you gonna come to that music festival in 2021 i’m like i don’t think it’s gonna happen it’s gonna be very hard to have big massive music festival but i think now these music festivals they have the opportunity right now to to rethink the format and create a very cool virtual experience because i think there is there are things to do yeah i totally agree i think that there are some advantages first you can reach so many people it’s so easy they don’t fly anywhere it’s much easier it costs less for you it’s risk risk for the organizers and it’s much easier to just go in your own office or in your wherever it’s comfortable for you and to see what you need there the part of mingling should be addressed so you need to think about how to create this connection because people when they go to to some kind of a business event or to a conference and i’ve done like i think hundreds of them in the last few years the most important part are the breaks because in the breaks you could go and talk yeah the speaker to other people and to connect with them yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s so important so we need to really solve this one but you know we’re resolving problems together so we we’ve used the interesting tools for helping networking you know that is it was kind of looking like a a map of a venue and you have different tables and people could jump from table to table so they were free to go to kind of private chats video chats this worked really well actually but still yeah this is not replacing the actual uh physical even that’s why actually i today we we did the conferences all online and we’re gonna have the master classes full day physical with less people more vip with masks everything but we think that’s the right approach yeah and it’s to do hands-on stuff it’s it’s really connected it’s important i totally agree okay so we’re gonna go to the last one and if if we’ll see like people really interested maybe we’ll do part two and and you will see so lila von evans i’m struggling too actually leila alvin’s living so she’s swiss actually uh and she’s from the the italian part of switzerland and but she has a german name and it turns out that she’s the the head of culture and collaboration at muro so mural i guess some of you guys know what this is it’s a software of wide boarding virtual whiteboarding that we use during our design sprint and um what’s interesting is that mural they they totally exploded during kovid so it was it was a software just before covered and it became a massive software community during kovid i think actually my first episode is with jim caldwell okay so it’s my first time you know so you can go back and listen to jim jobs to be done and he works in moon url too exactly i think they have 15 times more customers than before covida i know that they’re increased we talked about that in the first episode and he said that it’s a good time for them so it really makes sense to have a collaboration tool this way so exactly and we wanted to have uh to have someone who was a true expert at remote work and that’s exactly what leila does at mural that’s her role to be leading the culture but also the whole remote collaboration of the team because they they are from argentina but they have offices in san francisco but otherwise they are all distributed worldwide across time zones across continents and they need to make it work and to be efficient and to work fast and to be resilient and to to scale up very fast and grow during kobe times because the clients are here so it was amazing to to have her on to share her experience because it’s really some content that you don’t see anywhere basically because she’s right into the action right now yeah at mirror and she shared with us like the tools they are using uh the way they are uh they are dealing with their schedules um you know like creatures that they are having and it’s really like kind of the backstage of how mirror works and i would recommend that talk to any company organization that is willing to you know to go to go more remote and to use the power of remote i will i will advise them to look at this talk it’s going to give you so many ideas on what you can do i know it’s complex sometimes with regulations and how you can hire people in different countries but obviously you’re already dealt with that too but they have so many great ideas on how you can collaborate tribally that’s what’s really really great yeah okay so we’re almost done i want you to give me like the most like surprising thing you learned from these talks that we talk about like what could you take from them i mean the surprising me thing for me that we managed to make to make it that event you know when when the whole world is falling apart uh like the world’s upside down and you managed to bring these brilliant people together and they all committed one or two days to be with us and because they felt that it was important and so so that’s really something i i i really appreciate it is that i could also mention of course kai haley from google who was here so yeah so yeah who had such a great talk about the power of design and watch it it’s amazing so all these people who are who are stars and to be frank they don’t need us so they don’t need this kind of events uh uh to uh to to be visible and they wanted to be there and to come and they just wanted to you know to network and socialize even some some people said it was the highlight of 2020 well it’s not very hard to it’s not hard to be a highlighter yeah exactly it’s the worst time of the history but that’s you know i think everyone was genuinely happy to be there to and to to network and to chat uh like with all friends even if we were from the comfort of our homes but uh we were together in the same instant and uh i know we won’t have the same conditions again probably in our lives it was very special and i think this first edition of i today is is going to stain our memories for that yeah first edition so like next time we’re gonna meet and and and we’re gonna do that together i don’t know we we’re gonna have the master classes for sure in february and then then we’ll see from there the idea behind today is innovation two days to talk about what’s going on in innovation right now in the present so the concept is of course scalable and we’ll see over time but yeah it’s massive to organize something like that it’s it’s yeah so sure thank you for doing that so tell us like in a few words what’s going to be in february who’s going to come to the workshops sure so uh it’s a two days event uh one day it’s jake knapp for the design sprint master class uh the the official one with i assume a lot of updates because now we are using way more remote tools and tools like mural or others so um the idea is like to get to really give an updated version of the the master class hopefully is going to be able to fly in europe at that time it’s in five months so finger cross if not we are clever and we have some ideas you will see yeah um yeah maybe virtually i i i could say it could be maybe partly we’ll see we’ll see but we have some concepts um so that’s that that will be the first day february 8th it’s jake february 9th it’s uh alex osterwalder and eve pinger they are huge stars they’re the creators of the i don’t have the book anymore here they’re the creators of the business model canvas and value proposition canvas it’s a you have seen it’s agreed with nine boxes you have seen it all around uh it was created ten years ago it’s used by millions of people uh startups companies and they are the creators of that tool turns out that they are swiss they live not too far from uh from from here and yeah they’re gonna they’re gonna run the the master class which is amazing and it’s gonna be the second day so it’s gonna be a very business day the business day uh and day one is more about design oh nice nice so i want to thank you for your time it’s been a pleasure i think we should have another episode it was so much fun for me and another other than that i have like 10 questions that we didn’t get to so maybe next time we can say like like the main question that i had in the beginning like how could that affect your daily life as designer and design sprint but we can we can maybe do it like next time right next time you’re gonna have to invite me again yeah we should we should do it and i want to thank you first that you woke up so early in the morning i felt like i took you in in the middle of the morning and you’re like all awake just for me it’s okay it’s nine now it’s okay it’s fine and i want to thank everyone who joined us and asked questions and said hi on on on our live show thank you and and thank you for listening and viewing this episode and if you’d like to to know more you’re welcome to uh visit and we have the show and the podcast really soon so visit us have a great day thank you bye bye