Design sprint is primarily applied research. The goal of a 5-day sprint is not to achieve a perfect product but to quickly learn what can work or not. The aim is to find the starting point and align the team on the fundamentals of the project, product, or strategy.

We assist you in preparing for the design sprint

Together, we define:

  1. The Sprint Challenge
  2. The right team

These preliminary steps generally allow for a well-founded start to a design sprint without necessarily conducting extensive prior research.

Sprint participants bring their experience, feelings, and their understanding of the client’s needs. In general, if the team is experienced and diverse, this is usually sufficient.

However, if the entire team is not senior enough, lacks knowledge on the subject, or is too disconnected from the target users, we recommend conducting pre-sprint interviews to better understand the needs.

On day 1, all team members are invited to present their vision or any prior research work. Presentations are typically verbal and spontaneous, but some team members appreciate being able to show a few slides.