Design Sprints are an adventure and we love to share it with our community.

You'll find on this page the videos, webinars, interviews or articles in which we appear.Interested in having us speaking at your event? 🎙 [email protected]

Oct 2020 - Millenial Pognon Podcast: Comment repenser le design avec Steph Cruchon, CEO de Design Sprint SA 🇫🇷

Hosted by Damien Würsten,  Millenials Pognon Podcast

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September 2020 - Invincible Innovation Podcast - #Itoday Innovation Summit. Hosted by Adi Mazor Kario 🇬🇧

Adi and Steph, talk about the best moments of Innovation Today (#Itoday) an online conference with Jake Knapp and Alex Osterwalder

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August 2020 - Answering the biggest Design Sprint pushbacks from companies! With Steph and Sabrina Goerlich 🇬🇧

Sabrina Goerlich and Steph, two expert Sprintmasters shared some tips and tricks on how to get buy-in for a Design Sprint and convince even the most conservative gatekeeper!

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June 2020 - Podcast Gommette 🇫🇷

Steph was the guest of the Podcast "Gommette" by Quentin Bordier and Thibault Dequeker. 1h30 of discussions about Design Sprint and its future. Great time!

Gommette Podcast
Steph Cruchon Speaker Innovation USAM

June 2020 - Speaker at "USAM 53es journées romandes des arts et métiers" in Champery Switzerland 🇫🇷

Steph and Thomas Pigneur from François Sport SA were the guests of the USAM days in Champéry in the presence of the Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset.  The opportunity to present a case study of a Design Sprint and its outcomes for the company, even 4 years later.

USAM days

June 2020 - A conversation about Remote Design Sprint with Steph and Paul Van der Linden 🇬🇧

Paul and Steph look back on their experiences with remote Design Sprint's and share "tips & tricks" for teams embarking on the facilitation of online workshops.

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June 2020 - Meetup Design Sprint Stuttgart 🇬🇧

Steph was the guest of Sabrina Goerlich at the Design Sprint Meetup of the Stuttgart community. They talked about how to integrate Sprint into a more global innovation strategy with a presentation of the Portfolio Map, the new tool from Strategyzer (Pigneur & Osterwalder)

Design Sprint Stuttgart Meetup

April 2020 -  Design Sprint Template introduction 🇬🇧

We have created the official Design Sprint template for Mural and Miro, in this video, Steph went over every aspect of the canvas with Design Sprint legends Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky (creators of the Design Sprint at GV) and Jackie Colburn, author of the Remote Design Sprint Guide.

Remote Design Sprint Guide