Have you ever seen those old paintings of army generals surrounded by maps and battle plans? That’s the origin of the ‘War room.
In our context, the war room is simply a room in which the Design Sprint will take place. The war room itself is important as it helps set the atmosphere and functions as a place to post and visualize useful information resulting from workshop tasks (Post-Its, personas, experience map, “solution sketches” or mood boards …).

We always advise finding a room that is not immediately close to the team members’ offices (to avoid the temptation to jump into an ‘urgent’ meeting). Finding a third-party location will guarantee a break from routine and better focus for the team.

Are you planning a design sprint in Switzerland and looking for an exceptional War room? We have a special deal with Whitepod Hotel that includes the rental of the room and nights in a chalet. All the ingredients for a memorable design sprint.