The first day of a design sprint begins with the contributions of the “experts.” But who are they? How many people should be planned for and for how long?

During a design sprint by Design Sprint Ltd, the experts’ contributions are an important part of the first day, truly launching the sprint on a good foundation.

The experts usually speak from 11:15 am until the lunch break at 12:30 pm. During this time, we can have up to 3 external experts invited for a presentation of about 15-20 minutes each.

In the afternoon, the other members of the core team (the sprint team) will also share their experiences or feelings in a similar but shorter format (5-10 minutes per person).

Which external experts to invite?

1) An important sponsor who could not participate in the entire week but has decision-making power over the future project. Discussion topic: sharing the vision, key objectives, reminding the importance of the sprint and the theme for the company.

2 + 3) One or two “voices of the customer” who are well acquainted with the needs of the target audience. For example, customer support employees or salespeople who interact with customers on a daily basis.