Level 1 - Design Sprint Discovery. How to integrate the methodology in an innovation strategy

1 day

Discover and practice the Design Sprint methodology. In-house training adapted to large groups, given by Steph Cruchon, our expert facilitator.

Used by some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Slack, Uber, Facebook, BBC, or Zalando, Design Sprint provides an undeniable competitive advantage. It’s a pragmatic and effective way to integrate Design Thinking and UX Design into an organization based on co-creation and collaboration.

In this exciting and eye-opening training, our expert Sprint master will take you and your team through this revolutionary way of working.


  • Develop the skills and increase empowerment in your team
  • Enable them to design products and services in a more efficient way
  • Introduce Agile and Lean startup in the company
  • Understand the main principles of user-centered design (UX)


  • 1-day Design Sprint Masterclass, in your office
  • Practical exercises to be practiced in small groups
  • Solving mini Design Challenge in a few hours
  • Case studies
  • A great place for questions and exchanges


  • Design Sprint vs. Design Thinking
  • Defining the problems (Map)
  • Ideation, sketch your solution (Sketch)
  • Make critical decisions in an unbiased way (Decider)
  • Align and collaborate between the different departments
  • Case studies
Design Sprint 1 day training masterclass


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